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Louisa Scheel

Culture | Leadership | Mental Health

My mission is to assist leaders in realizing their full potential, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the modern world with clarity, focus & serenity.

From founding my own content agency start-up to a global leadership role in a 3000 people agency, I have hands-on industry experience that most coaches lack. Throughout the years of long, busy start-up hours, I have cultivated a mindfulness practice that allowed me to excel at work.

I offer coaching and team training for modern CEOs  and top leadership teams who understand that exceptional leadership starts from within. I truly believe in the power of healthy relationships as an accelerator for growth and fulfillment at work.

In my work, I am combining professional coaching with couples therapy techniques combined with spiritual lessons from Zen buddhism. I’m helping individuals and teams, building stronger relationships with themselves and others, improving communication skills, building trust, addressing conflict, developing empathy, and identifying negative patterns.

I have been a Zen Buddhism student since 2018.  I have been sitting regularly in sessions at the Zen Monastery Buchenberg in the meditation hall. The Zen path has opened up an inner space for me to powerfully walk my own path.

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