Every Leader Needs a Sidekick

Building and scaling a remarkable organisation is challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. As your trusted leadership sidekicks, we stand beside you to unlock and nurture ambitious growth.
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What we do

We Help you Overcome your Growing Pains
Our transformation journey features four interconnected pillars, ensuring a profound, successful and sustainable transformation process.

Purpose (WHY)

See the change you want to Create
We explore, define, activate and stress-test your purpose, the core reason for your business and its impact on society - providing direction, cohesion and engagement.

Vision & Strategy (WHAT)

Shoot for the moon
Let's craft a vision that propels you into the future. With a compelling vision, strategic pillars and operational focus, we'll set the stage for execution that makes you sweat and smile.

Culture (HOW)

Define a culture that fuels your vision
You need a company culture connected to your vision. Develop and activate values, leadership principles, and rituals to ignite the behavioural change needed for growth.

Leadership (WHO)

Upgrade your leadership to grow your company
Through individual coaching and leadership development, we challenge and support your personal growth. Embrace the journey to become the leader you wish you had.

Who we are

We are an Alliance of Sidekicks
As leadership sidekicks, we are your dedicated partners on the long-term journey to success, blending the best of coaching, facilitation, and consulting.

Drawing on our first-hand experience with international companies and organisations, we invest time to understand your unique needs, design a tailored journey and help you fall in love with your potential. Let's unlock your path to greatness together.
Who we are

Who we work with

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What our clients say

Real People, Real Impact: Our Testimonials
Raiffeisen Bank International has greatly benefited from ForChiefs. Their sidekicks bring a wealth of experience in leadership, coaching, and facilitation. Their support has been crucial in raising leadership awareness, scaling messaging, and creating a collaborative environment for our board and top managers.
Heike Mensi-Klarbach
Head of People, Culture & Organisation
Raiffeisen Bank International
ForChiefs has been a trusted partner for Bitvavo. Their sidekicks offer insightful support for any leadership challenge. Their unique approach and vast experience help us navigate high-pressure times with creative solutions, easing our growing pains and instilling confidence in our steps forward.
Mark Nuvelstijn
CEO Bitvavo
ForChiefs was our first port of call for our strategy retreat. We had only heard positive things in advance – our expectations were even exceeded by far! Attentive contact, fast response time, professional support in preparation, implementation and follow-up, understanding of the special features of a public client. We couldn't have wished for better!
Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz
The Berlin University of the Arts
We were surprised by how fast and how thoroughly ForChiefs understood the challenges that our leadership team faced. With their expert guidance, we’ve sharpened our leadership skills, defined our core values, and in particular strengthened our bond as a team. The ... impact has been profound, helping us grow together and build a company we’re proud to lead. Personally, we are extremely thankful for ForChiefs work because it re-sparked a huge amount of joy in building the company!
Constantin Schröder
Co-founder Arbio
ForChiefs has been a remarkable partner for Knowunity. Their sidekicks, former top managers themselves, bring a wealth of experience and a unique approach to our leadership development. They’ve created platforms for our management team to co-create and thrive, helping us navigate challenges with ease.
Benedict Kurz
Co-founder Knowunity GmbH
I have done quite a lot of workshops in my career, but this journey is top notch.
Anton Janssen
CFO Moba Group
I always thought coaching was overrated and more of a 'nice-to-have'. After working with ForChiefs, I see it as instrumental in my development and the development of my company. Not only being coached, but also receiving clear criticism and rely on the experience of my coach(es) makes us faster in the right moments and helps us not to repeat the same mistakes of other founders.
ForChiefs helps us with the personal development of our leadership team as well as strategic work and the implementation through OKRs into operations. The work so far has been excellent and fun in all areas.
Björn Wind
CEO & Founder voiio

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